February 18, 2014

Cole :: 2 Years

This morning my baby woke up a two year old! Goodness, it's hard to believe.

Cole is such a little fireball. Our spunky gal knows exactly what she wants. (Of course, she does not always get what she wants.) Cole loves to climb, jump, run fast, ride on toys and people, and play catch. Since we moved to Delaware, she's been channeling some of that energy in her gymnastics class. About a week ago she started landing her seat-drops, where, on the trampoline, she lands on her bottom then back onto her feet.

Cole is becoming more of a talker! She has a few phrases, like "I love you" and "Here you go," but mostly she sticks to two or three word ideas. For instance, if she wants me to hold Ibbie she will say, "Momma baby" while gesturing for me to pick Ibbie up. Cole likes to recall events that happened throughout the day to Peter when he gets home from work. Last week she recounted how she hit her head on the wall while jumping, came over to me while crying, got a kiss and decided she was, "alright" all while walking through the motions of the story.

Cole exerts her independence in all sorts of ways. She gets the milk out of the fridge and carries it to me, she sleeps in a toddler bed, she uses the toilet (we haven't potty trained but we give her the option to use the toilet daily), she fastens the clips on her highchair, she helps us unload the dishwashers, and through it all she insists that we not help. She keeps us laughing!

The biggest event of Cole's year was becoming a big sister. And she is the best big sister! She loves her Ibbie dearly. She hugs and kisses Ibbie throughout the day and tells her she loves her at least every few hours. When Ibbie cries Cole tries to comfort her by rubbing her tummy, patting her back, bringing her toys, or suggesting I nurse her. In the last few weeks, Cole has been on her hands and knees trying to teach Ibbie how to crawl. They are going to be quite the duo when they are both mobile.

Happy birthday, Cole!! 


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    1. Seriously. Anytime she hears a baby crying, she says, "Cry. Baby. Momma. Eat." She is of the mindset that food can solve most problems.