February 20, 2015

Purple Party

Cole was very specific with her third birthday requests: a purple party with all of her friends, a purple cake, and a big purple ball. Girlfriend is in her purple period! I went to Walmart and bought every purple decoration I could find. We ordered a purple cake from Sweet Melissa and they went wild with the idea of making the cake as purple as possible, inside and out. Cole was over the moon.

Cole had such a blast playing with her friends at our house. We put out some toys and I covered the kitchen table with paper so the guests could color. Our balloon decorations quickly became part of the party entertainment. The kids had a great time tearing them down, then running in circles with balloons in tow.
Singing, cake and candles were possible the highlight of Cole's day! She was so pumped to have her friends sing to her and then eat purple cake.
(When I play hostess I LOVE for someone else to take on camera duty. Nearly all of the pictures and the sweet video were taken by our friend. Major thanks to VTCarter! )

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