July 8, 2010

Project du jour

It is a rare occasion that we visit Peter's family, however briefly, and do not find ourselves helping with some sort of project. Last Monday, after a lovely trip to the lake, we spent some time in Lilburn. This visit was no exception to the norm.

Nancy purchased a new washing machine on Monday after she grew tired of the old one rattling her entire house. With her due date rapidly approaching there was no time like the present to replace the washer. But, because our first niece or nephew- oh, I'm sorry- her first son or daughter will be here soon, she was unable to assist in moving the washers.

As we headed over to Nancy and Will's, I knew I wouldn't be able to help either. I can't actually touch anything in the house because of Yoda, Jessie, Fat Ron, and Oscar. This is Oscar and I have severe allergies to him and the rest of the feline gang. Hoping to be something more than totally useless, I decided to document the entire project.

I watched as they moved the old washer out. And down the stairs.
Then as they unloaded the new washer off the truck. And moved the washer up the driveway toward the house. Squeezing into the entry.
And back up the stairs. {Side note: Isn't that floor gorgeous? I love hardwood!}And finally, fitting the new washer into it's happy home.

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