July 12, 2010

Woe is me.

Accomplished today:

1- Drove to Nashville
2- Saw new apartment
3- Visited various Vanderbilt offices
4- Made the most of a trip to Trader Joe's
5- Drove back to Memphis
6- Met with Stand for Children staff member
7- Flooded the Acura*

*7 was not on my original To-Do list for today. It just happened. During a flash flood. At 6:45am. I am now waiting to hear the fate of my car. My loyal, loyal vehicle that got me through high school, college, and beyond and owes me absolutely nothing may have drown today. 5 blocks from our house. Woe is me.

I left the house during a downpour at 6:40am for Nashville. As I rounded the corner onto the main street {RIGHT BEHIND ANOTHER SEDAN!} my car started to float. I called Peter. Peter, being the awesome husband and all around stellar man that he is, rescued me. He hopped into his car, drove as far as he could, then ran through the rain storm straight for the 3.5ft of water in which my car was drowning. By the time he got there, I was collecting all of the important things in the car and contemplating my exit strategy since the right side of my car was letting in water which was then up to the seats. He, along with two good Samaritans, pushed my car out of the deep as I steered it to the curb. Peter then handed me the keys to his car sending me on my way to Nashville- like I said he is an awesome husband and all around stellar man.

While I drove East, Peter was in touch with our car guy and insurance company. He bailed out the car to the best of his ability and hosed off the floor mats. When the tow truck arrived, he watched as the last bit of water pour out of the tail pipe. The insurance adjuster is going to take a look at the damage and let us know if it is totaled or repairable.

So for now, we wait.


  1. AWWWWWWWWW, I want to cry for you, Parker! But I just LOVE Peter!! What a wonderful husband!!! Sounds like someone else I know very well! Please let me know if I can do ANYTHING to help!!!

  2. Parker! Please let me know if I can give you a ride anywhere at all. Would love to get some extra hang out time before you move into that Nashville apt!

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry, Parker! That's terrible and not good send off for your day trip to your new city. Do you need a car right now? It's a long story, but we have an extra one right now, so we would totally let you borrow. Let me know...

  4. Friends- Thank you so much for your generous offers. I may be in touch, but for now we're still waiting on the verdict. Besides- since I am not presently employed it's not really that big of a deal.

  5. So sorry to hear about your car Parker! Ben had the same thing happen to his Explorer downtown Charleston. It was completely floating and had to pushed out too. They didn't total his car, but he had to get a whole new engine. I'll be hoping for the best for you!