September 17, 2010

Feline Status and Hot Carrots

Essential to my feeling at home in Nashville is finding a church to be a part of. In the three Sundays I have been here I have attended three different churches. Wednesday night I checked out a home group for one of the churches. It was lovely. We hung out, ate hot carrots, discussed The Screwtape Letters, played Qwirkle, and I sneezed. A lot. You see I neglected to ask in my inquiry emails if the hosts has cats. That was a mistake. They had two. I was a sniffling, sneezing, watery-eyed mess the whole time. As much as I enjoyed the fellowship, I will not be attending that particular home group again. I have at least one more church I'd like to check out before revisiting any of them. In my future requests to visit home groups I will be asking for meeting time, address, and feline status.

Now, about the hot carrots. They are spicy and delicious. While at the cat-infested home group, I was introduced hot carrots. They are basically pickled with the additions of jalapenos and peppercorns. The hosts had made a large batch and at the end of the evening even gave me a jar. I love them!

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