September 5, 2010

Pantry Scavanger: Fix & Freeze

For the last three years, I have done the heavy majority of cooking in our house. In the last two weeks, Peter has regressed to his single man cooking ways: preparing a large portion of a given dish then eating that same food all week. Two weeks ago was spaghetti and last week was tacos. Despite the fact that I now live in Nashville, I wanted to ensure that my husband is better fed. Since I am home for the weekend, I employed the Fix & Freeze method yesterday afternoon. Following one very strategic trip to the grocery store, I prepared five main courses which he can cook at will. He now has: Ooh-la-lasanga, Chicken Parmesan, Manicotti, Spaghetti with Sausage and Peppers, and Lemon Chicken Orzo.

Knowing that Peter has community group, church, and work potlucks on the horizon, I went ahead and made some cookies. There are now 10 dozen flash frozen chocolate chip cookies waiting to be cooked at a moments notice.


  1. park, though very thoughtful, peter (if we have similar stomach/esophagi) is going to have terrible heartburn, indigestion, and the like with all the red sauce dishes! i hope the cookies have tums in the middle! haaa just kidding im sure it took you awhile which was very nice. (by the way tell peter if he doesn't want any of that he can send it down)

  2. Fortunately, Peter has an iron stomach and he picked out the meals so I'm sure he'll be fine. Of course, I keep a stash of Tums in the kitchen if needed- though not in the cookies :)

  3. I might be sneaking into your house and swiping a few meals when no one is looking! ;)

  4. Parker, I want to grow up and be you. You get more accomplished than anyone I know.

    Stacey, will you grab me one of those meals while you are in her fridge... and cookies too. Those look good!