June 12, 2014

Nook Beautification

Since moving, I've become a regular Craigslist peruser.  I have a laundry list of things I'm looking for to outfit the new house. At the top of the list were table and chairs for the kitchen. After having little success finding a table, we took a trip to the Habitat ReStore where we found a pedestal table crying out for some TLC. A few days later, I found some chairs on Craigslist that fit perfectly with the table.

For the last month, we've lived with them as is with the plan to do something eventually.  When I finally got around to figuring out that the something meant adding a pop of color and painting the table blue, my mom had the perfect color suggestion: Aubusson Blue. Well a can of Aubusson Blue paint sat on the shelf for a couple of weeks. When my step-dad offered to paint the table one evening we jumped at the opportunity.
When my mom brought the table back to us, it was as good as new! The peonies from her garden in the vase she found at Goodwill were just icing on the cake. My mom is so skilled at creating beautiful things! I added a rug from Overstock, with a smaller one by the sink. It's worth pointing out that with little ones in the house, the only kind of rug I'll buy for the kitchen or dining room are indoor-outdoor rugs. They are normally less expensive and can be washed off with a hose.
There's also a paint sample on the wall. I went ahead last week and put up paint samples in every room. It may take us a year (or more) to get everything painted, but we've got a vision.


  1. I painted two side tables the same Aubusson Blue. Love it and your space looks great!!

  2. A big benefit of having a painter as a mother- she knows a perfect color for what you're trying to accomplish! It looks great.

  3. love it! I can imagine some adorable bed-head little girls having breakfast photos taken there :)