June 23, 2014

Potty Trained

Two weeks ago today, potty training chose us. And now, Cole is wake-time potty trained.

Around 17 months old, Cole was showing many of the textbook potty training readiness signs. But I wasn't ready. I was very pregnant with Ibbie. I had come to peace with the idea of two in diapers.  I wasn't ready to have a newborn and newly potty trained toddler. So we waited. I got Cole a little potty seat and let her use it whenever she felt inclined, which was fairly often, actually. Peter and I agreed that we'd potty train Cole once she was asking for it. And I've always heard to wait until the child is ready. So we waited.

After 10 months of sporadic potty use and requests for diaper changes, we realized that the time had come. Driving home from a furniture pickup, Cole let us know she needed to use her diaper and immediately requested to be changed. Peter looked at me and said, "So, it's time."

We prepped for three day potty training (which in our case would be 3 days with 10 months of practice). I made a little sticker chart and let Cole determine her own rewards. We explained to Cole that she would need to use the potty when she felt the urge to go. Then we took the diapers away. 

She took to it right away! For the first two days, for whatever reason, after nap time she begged to be put back in her diaper. I obliged for two days but on the third day her request was denied. There was an epic meltdown, followed promptly by a trip to the potty and then to the store to pick out panties. 

We boldly left the house on the second full day in panties and she went 80 minutes between potty breaks! I was impressed. Apparently we waited to potty train until she was more than ready. Now we have a potty trained two-year on our hands, which means we have a potty in the car and stop all the time when we are out to make potty breaks. (I line the bowl of the car potty with dog waste bags and keep wipes and hand-sanitizer at the ready. It makes on-the-go clean up a breeze.)
Note: We're going to hold off on sleep-time potty training until she is a bit older. 


  1. I remember one time when Reese was still in diapers but wanting to use the bathroom, we were on a roadtrip and he said he needed to go. I didn't want to stop and really wanted to say "it's ok, just go in your diaper." But knew that would take back a lot of our hard work. So we stopped. Reese potty trained very quickly once he decided to. Probably because he was over 3 years old. haha!

  2. These pictures make me smile. Reagan sends a high five with one hand to Cole, while she keeps a death grip on her diaper with the other.

  3. yay! big milestone! Rory still isn't ready. I did the same as you and bought her a potty to explore. She thought it was really cool at first but now she mostly ignores it. Guess we'll be waiting for a while still. Genius to line the potty with dog waste bags, btw! I am going to use that trick when we are finally there.