June 25, 2014

Quick Trip

A couple of weekends ago, Peter and I made a quick trip to South Carolina to attend the wedding of our college friends, Caroline and Brandon. Saturday, before the main event, I  palled around Columbia with my girls friends while the guys watched soccer. The wedding was lovely! What a dearly loved couple Caroline and Brandon are! I have never been to a wedding where the church was so full.
While we were away, the girls stayed with Scottie and Bigs, my mom and step-dad. Despite efforts to make this as easy for my mom as possible, I dropped off a potty-training two year old and bottle-refusing, night-waking nine month old. Somehow, she managed! I don't believe they left the house at all but no one seemed to mind. Cole was ready to go back as soon as we pulled out of the driveway.
*Every single one of these pictures is borrowed. Either from Facebook or my mom. 

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