May 16, 2012

Home Organization: Tackling the Attic

Ever have a project that demands a rainy day? Peter and I emptied our attic two weekends ago with the plan to sort and edit the items then reorganize the space.  Well, we managed to sort and edit the items but everything that needed to be put back in the attic remained in our dining room. Every time I was inspired to continue working on the project, it took only a minute in the attic to change my mind. It's been hot enough during the day that spending any time in the attic is unbearable. Since the contents of our attic were out of the way, the eyesore could have remained for month.
Fortunately, on Saturday it rained, breaking the heat of the last week and preventing us from any number of distractions a beautiful day can present.

Friday's day trip to Nashville wiped Cole out so while she recovered, we had a few hours dedicated solely to the task. The contents of our attic are now organized, labeled, and sorted into logical areas. We've also created lots more space, though we're hoping not to find ourselves in the same people-may-think-we-are-hoarders-if-they-see-our-attic situation again.

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