May 25, 2012

Whoa! Technology

Do you know you can have a video chat with multiple people at the same time?

I imagined it was possible. And I'd seen it on TV.  But I figured it wasn't easy. Or free.

Turns out, I'm way behind the times.

Last night I got to visit with some of my favorite Clemson girls!  After our early adopter encouraged us to join Google+, we planned a ladies night.  Once we got over the initial thrill of being able to have a group video chat (which Google calls a Hangout), we caught up. We discussed budding romances, new-ish love, current crushes and wedding plans.  They met Cole, who would not be ignored. It's hard to believe it's been over five years since we all lived in the same tiny South Carolina town. And that we're now living in six different states.  

The wonder of the Hangout was enhanced by Google Effects where we were able to accessorize our virtual looks. I have no idea how the pirate hat found Cole's head or the eye patch her eye, but it was pretty stinkin' amazing.


  1. This is so fun! I didn't know you could do this! Plus I am loving the pirate gear for C!

  2. : ) after your early adopter encouraged you to join google+.