May 18, 2012

Cole :: 3 months

One year ago today, I learned that I could transfer six credit hours from the University of Memphis to Vanderbilt.

So I did.

Which allowed me to move home after my summer classes. 

Prompting our attempt to grow our family.

Which we did

What a difference a year makes!

In the last month our little princess has started to reveal so much of her personality! She loves bath time and her play mat. She can't stand a dirty diaper. And she loves her freedom, Cole isn't content to be confined in a baby carrier or car seat (or swaddle, but we've known that since Week 2). She's not much of a daytime sleeper and she's very active. Rarely does baby girl stay still. Cole has established herself as a thumb-sucking paci-hater. She also has a whole lot of sticktoitiveness in her personality which I imagine, in time, will serve her well.

In the last month, Cole's firsts included her first plane ride, first day trip, and first time with a babysitter.  We traveled to Baltimore where she met tons of loving friends and family. And to Nashville to attended Vanderbilt graduation. I've started working part-time so Cole gets to hang out with sweet Miss Clare every week.

Last month we transitioned Cole into cloth diapers. I love them! Cole loves them! And not buying diapers all of the time is amazing.  Oh, and just last week I packed up two containers of clothes that Cole has out grown. Now we're slowly transitioning into her 3-6 month clothes. It's hard to believe.

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