May 2, 2012

Tuesday Fun

Yesterday, five of my friends from Vanderbilt headed West just to spend the day with me and Cole. It was glorious! We went to Central BBQ for lunch, Trolley Stop for dinner and YoLo for dessert somehow managing to squeeze trips to the Graceland Wall and the Might Mississippi in between. Cole even decided to show off her dance moves when I played her favorite song.
My dear friends are in the bizarre time of waiting that comes before ceremonious occasions. Classes for the semester are over, comprehensive exams have been passed, and all they have left to do is graduate (and maybe go to work).  With graduation just over a week away, my friends planned a Week of Fun where they will tackle items on the Nashville Bucket List. Brilliant, right? Luckily for me, they decided to spend a day in Memphis before getting down to the serious business that will be the Week of Fun.


  1. you look great girl! You need to video her dance:)

  2. Loved getting to see you and meeting Ms. Cole. See y'all Friday!