July 9, 2012

Favorite Baby Item: Pajamas

Our little darling slept swaddled for a whopping two weeks.  She simply prefers to live and sleep without restraint. So while we'll occasionally put her in a sleep sac, most often we put her down in some sort of footed pajamas.  In the last four months we've tried a number different brands. Between receiving sleep suits as gifts and making our own purchases, Cole has worn a number of well known brands at many different price points. Last weekend, when we realized she'd out grown all of her current pajamas, I knew we had to go to Walmart. You see after four months of research, I found my favorite baby pajamas to be the Faded Glory Sleep and Play suits.

The brightly colored, printed Sleep and Plays are perfect baby pajamas. The zipper makes for easy changes in the dark. And the soft cotton is weighted enough to be worn alone. Also, at just $5.50 each, I don't kick myself every time Cole grows out of one. The Sleep and Plays have held up well in the wash and haven't faded at all. In fact, these pajamas have become my standard happy for new moms.

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