July 12, 2012

Favorite Baby Item: Teethers

After weeks of excessive drooling and other indicators of teething, Cole cut her first tooth on Tuesday! And then her second tooth yesterday! They are the top and bottom left central incisors, for any of you taking notes. She's done well handling the pain without medication by using her teethers and chewing her hands. I registered for and received two Life Factory teethers with the hope that they would be as perfect as many reviewers described. They are! Being made of silicone means there is no risk of anything leaking. Cole loves it when I stick them in the freezer to chill a bit. They are dishwasher safe, which is absolutely necessary in this house. Prior to teething, Cole used her Life Factory teethers as a pacifier of sorts. While she rejected all pacifiers- despite diligent efforts to make her a believer- shes been holding and gumming her teether since she was 8 weeks old.

The other teether Cole's been using is her Tommee Tippee Chewther. While wandering through The Red Circle Boutique I spotted the Chewther. We're already a Tippee family after discovering that Cole would actually take their bottles. Out of utter frustration that Cole wouldn't take a pacifier, I decided to give the Chewther a try. I figured I could pop it into her mouth like a pacifier but it would be good to chew like her favorite teether. She likes it. Not as much as her Life Factory ring but enough that I'll call it a favorite. While it's a bit silly looking and quite reminiscent of the mouth guards I used in my lacrosse playing days, it does the job. And, I think it's more sanitary than my finger.


  1. I have just referred this product to 2 of my mommy friends who have teething little ones. Thanks for sharing that info! I'm storing it away for later use ;)

    1. Glad to help. I hope their peanuts like these teethers as much as Cole!