July 1, 2012

Dining Room: A Switcheroo

When we got the new chairs in our dining room, the proportions seemed a bit off. The mid-century chairs looked awfully tiny next to the large bookcase. For Christmas, Mom gave me a beautiful hutch she painted. Initially, we used it in the living room but after a bit of thought (and nudging from my decorator momma) we switched the bookcase in the dining room with the hutch.


The chairs coordinate with the hutch which is pretty cool. Switching around the furniture lighted the whole room and made it look bigger. Since moving the furniture around, the dining room has gone from Completed back to a Work in Progress. Eventually I'd like to find a mirror for over the hutch, a chest of drawers to replace the side table, and possibly some hostess chairs. Conveniently, HomeGoods is opening in Memphis- well, out East- so I know I'll be able to find some bargains. (Side note: Yes!!!! I've been hoping for a HomeGoods in Memphis for years. When I saw the "HomeGoods Coming Soon" sign on Germantown Parkway I actually turned around and drove by it again. I could hardly believe my eyes.) Our new highchair offers a pretty fun pop of color in the absence of table linens which aren't exactly baby proof. Oh, you may notice the closet doors aren't closed anymore because of Cole's jumper. Babies sure have a way of marking their territory, which in Cole's case is our entire house, both cars, and life. But we wouldn't have it any other way.

If I was really on top of things I suppose I'd have a Before and After picture of the living room as well. But I don't. Maybe soon. Or maybe not. Just trust it looks much better and more balanced with the bookcase on the back wall.

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