October 18, 2012

Cole :: 8 months

Today Cole is eight months old.

This month she's become more independent.  She's taken to feeding herself snacks and exploring our house with a sense of boldness. She's pulling up on everything and even taking a few brave steps from one support object to the next. 

Cole still isn't much for sleeping. She's started to take more regular naps but they are rarely for more than an hour. Every morning, she's so excited to start the day she gets up before the sun. She is a big fan of eating. Cole enjoys her solids though maybe not as much as she enjoys nursing. Cole still nurses about six times a day. This month she's started to sign a few words like milk, mommy, and daddy. The most frequent sign she uses is "milk."

At school, she finally got over the separation issues. So much so, that now she loves school. Cole's daily reports in the last month have been extremely positive.  She doesn't even cry when I drop her off. It's lovely. 

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