October 16, 2012

Color Run

On Saturday, before the shower, I did the Color Run 5k with my friend Katie. Everyone wears white. Some people, like me, wear safety goggles. Along the course you cross areas where you're hit with colored powder.

The Color Run is kind of a 5k for people that don't run. It's not timed or competitive. Just fun. People stop, walk, make color angles, and roll on the ground. After the race, there is a Colorfest where everyone throws color around. It was hoot. Next year, we want to have a team. 


  1. my husband is doing this in November :) Me and Rory will just be the support team this time ;)

  2. So fun! Take a camera! I was shocked by the number of people I saw running with children in strollers. A support team is a GREAT idea.