October 17, 2012


I've been hunting for a playground nearby with a baby swing.
It's been harder to come by than I imagined.
Yesterday my girlfriend told me about one.
So after Peter got home from work last night we went to the playground.

Cole liked swinging. She liked it a whole lot.
Her whole face was smiling! 
I took a million pictures.

And I decided to use minimal discretion and post five pictures of the same thing.
I'm sorry I'm not sorry.
Is there anything sweeter than a happy baby?


  1. These are so cute!

    Just so you know, the other day Charlie said that Cole was cute. He NEVER says that about babies (other than Nola and the ones related to us). That must mean Cole is super cute. ;)

  2. That's sweet. I can't believe how precious and big Nola is!

  3. so cute. The girl was made for swinging. I bet you'll make a point to get out there more often now! Rory enjoyed it the first time and now she just keeps falling asleep in them, haha.