December 18, 2012

Cole :: 10 months

So many changes, where to start? Babyhood is quickly passing us by. Cole took her first independent step this morning! She will be toddling around this house and city in no time. 

In the last month Cole's sleeping has improved. This time last month, we were still getting up two or three times every night. Now we're only up once a night which is life changing. Since I stopped working, I've been able to be more consistent trying to encourage naps. Cole still doesn't love daytime sleep but typically I can get her to take two 20-30 minute naps a day. For all of you mamas out there with sleepers, please remember that everything is relative.  For us, 20-30 minutes twice a day is major!

As for eating, we've been trying to get Cole to self feed a bit more. She'll gladly munch on crackers and fruit but proteins and vegetables have been giving us trouble. After failing to impress her with plain pasta, Lima beans, black beans, or any stage 3 baby food, I threw caution to the wind and decided to offer her the same food Peter and I eat. Wouldn't you know it, girlfriend likes a little flavor! Cole's been chowing down on taquitos and pesto pasta with sausage and brussel sprouts. For breakfast now, she's enjoying a bit of Greek yogurt, a half mini bagel with a touch of jelly, and Cheerios. She is still nursing and has yet to show any interest in weaning.

Cole is one happy girl with an adventurous and fearless spirit. Her personality is coming out more every day! She loves to hang with the big kids and animals. She's been warming up to strangers and may even be a bit of a flirt. Its so hard to believe her first Christmas is just a week away!


  1. It sounds like our daughters were cut from the same sleeping (or lack there of) cloth. I love the comment that 2 30 minute naps means a good day - you are not alone!! Have a great holiday!

    1. Helen- it's so true! Knowing you're not alone really does help. I hope that beautiful baby girl of yours is doing well!