December 10, 2012

PopPop's Trip and My Birthday

Last week my dad came to visit Wednesday and Thursday.  Cole was in school when his flight got in, so we got some Christmas shopping done.  Wednesday night we went out to celebrate my birthday. Dad and I went to Alchemy for tapas while Peter was in class then we all went to Hog and Hominy. Mostly the trip was just about Cole visiting with her PopPop.

Friday Peter and I celebrated with dinner at Osaka, a new Japanese restaurant. It was decent and the menu was enormous. We'd go back. The crowd at the restaurant was a bit younger than us. And it was noticeable. And kind of weird. There was a bit of a wait before hand so we popped into Old Navy where we found a darling sweater for Cole. I saw it and nearly died. Too cute.


  1. goodness she is cute! I can see her little personality coming out;) in love with the sweater!
    Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. Love that second pic with your dad. AND I saw that sweatshirt online and wanted it SO bad. Presh.

    1. Danke schön! I appreciate you looking past the drool.