December 17, 2012

Photo Swap

Folks, I'm friends with brilliant people. I got an email the other day asking if we'd like to participate in a photo swap. Basically we'd take our friends pictures and they'd take ours. So we could all have family pictures for our Christmas cards.  Of course, we agreed.

You guys should do this. Or buy a tripod. I guess the results are the same. Minus the fun times visiting with friends. And laughing at how hard it is to take decent pics with wee ones. Our child seems to have a a knack for the solo shot. Group shots are another story.

Ultimately we ended up going with a solo picture of Cole for our card.

After our swap, I found a card on Shutterfly and knew a flying baby picture would be perfect. Even though we didn't use one on the card, I love our new family pictures! There really is no reason to wait for the holiday season to participate in a photo swap. So often I'll get pictures of Cole or Cole and Peter but rarely all three of us.   The photo swap is the perfect solution.