March 7, 2013

Cole's Baptism

After rescheduling Cole's baptism a few times for various reasons, we finally settled on March 3. (Good thing too, because her gown was size 12 months.) Our church schedules baptisms for the first Sunday of every month. I actually scheduled her birthday party around the baptism. We knew some of our family would come into town for her birthday party and we thought it would save them an extra trip by coordinating the two events. 

Cole loved being in her gown and bonnet!
We snapped a few pictures before the service which I'm calling our family pictures for the month.
In case you are wondering about the scenery, our church meets in a school. 

As much as Cole loved dressing up, she did not love being handed to our pastor for the baptism.
In fact, she cried the whole way through.
This wasn't our pastors first rodeo so he didn't miss a beat.
He drew a parallel between Cole's crying out and our ability to cry out to our Heavenly Father who promises to be the God of our children.

Originally I planned on hosting a luncheon at our home after the service.  As it worked out, much of Peter's family had to hit the road immediately after church so I nixed the idea of a luncheon and instead we took our little crew to Sweet Grass for brunch. It was delicious, surprisingly child friendly and super easy.


  1. She is SUCH a cutie! The shot of her being held by the pastor is kind of hilarious. ;)

    1. Right?! I feel ike the pictures really tell the story of her baptism.

  2. You look fantastic, lady! Cole is simply precious in that bonnet. Congratulations on the baptism, #2 and everything!