March 19, 2013

The Ranch

Last week Peter went to Louisville for a conference so Cole and I went to Georgia. Historically when Peter has traveled for work, we've just stayed home. But after finding tickets to Atlanta for $65 each way, I decided Cole and I would go ahead and spend a few days visiting family. Cole had so much fun! Even though everyone was just here for her birthday, it was nice to visit without the pressure of events.

Early into our trip we went to the Yellow River Game Ranch with Nancy and Cole's two cousins. The sign out front claims the ranch is "Like a Zoo...Only Better." I'm not certain that I agree. It is like a zoo in that they have animals but in every other sense it's quite different. At the ranch, chickens, ducks, and peacocks roam free. The rest of the animals, all native to Georgia, are within hands reach (not the bears or mountain lions, thank goodness!). You're allowed to feed most of the animals either by hand or by passing them food through PVC piping into the cages. Nancy and her kiddos a regulars at the ranch so they planned ahead and packed treats for the animals.

The funny thing about the ranch is that every animal is part of the experience. The squirrels are so accustomed to visitors that they'll eat out of your hands. Not that I tried that. That's just a bit skeevy for my taste.

In addition to the birds, there were some escaping goats that also roamed free. I watched two goats climb through the fence around their enclosure. From there the kind but aggressive little beasts followed us around, nudging Nancy for more of her treats.

Our little crew lasted about an hour before we needed to go. I packed Cole some graham crackers but they fell out in the car which was the beginning of the end for us. Peter remembered going to the ranch as a kid so we may be making a return visit next time we find ourselves in Georgia. Mark my words, I will not be forgetting a snack for Cole again!

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