March 21, 2013

Time With Cousins

We're still fighting that nasty bug that showed up on Monday. And this one is real pain. I'm so glad to have some smiley, happy pictures from last week's trip to Georgia to share.

You know whats fun? Three cousins born within sixteen months of each other. It's a bit crazy too and requires a number of duplicate baby supplies. Fortunately my mother-in-law directs a preschool so she can borrow supplies as needed. Cole was completely spoiled getting to play with her cousin-friends for four days last week. Cole is fond of older children, particularly older children that are interested in her. I imagine there will be a bit of disappointment when she discovers her sibling will be younger than her. My in-laws put an enviable, light-filled addition on to their house last year. The kids play and eat in the space which is perfect. And it makes for easy for picture taking.

I wanted to get a picture of the three cousins while Cole and I were in Georgia. It's a tall order, I know, but I had high hopes. With the help of Peter's sister Nancy, we got all three kids on the couch. The tricky part was getting them to look and smile. With some more help from Nancy and a bit of head shaking to encourage smiles, we got at least one picture that works. I do love the second picture, even if the kids aren't all looking at the camera, because you can see a bit of each child's personality.

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