December 22, 2011

Holiday Cheer

The unofficial theme for our Christmas decorations this year is: Less is More.  While there are two bins of Christmas decorations in the attic, I decided to keep it simple with just a touch of holiday decor in our living space.

On the table in the entry I have a glass bottle which I keep a ribbon around. Throughout the year  I'll occasionally accessorize the bottle with a seasonal ornament hung from the ribbon.  I decided to hang a small needlepoint stocking from the ribbon this year in lieu of hanging any other stockings in the house. While visiting, a very sneaky friend tucked a small ornaments into the branches in the bottle. Now, the bottle in the entry welcomes our guests with a hint of holiday cheer. 
A few years ago I bought eight packages of mini ornaments from a Pottery Barn after Christmas sale for 99¢ each. This year I used the ornaments to fill a small vase and bowl as well as adorn our dining room table. When Peter first saw the ornaments on the dining room table he asked if I had spilled them. Evidently the style of the unkempt ornaments was lost on him. Once I explained that it was a look he came around. Peter is so open minded about seasonal decorating.
A new additon to our home this year is a nativity scene. While I love nativities, I've always found the small, fragile pieces to pose a bit of a challenge.  Since most nativities are created with exquisite detail, I would want to display the scene where it could be easily viewed; however a visiting child, or down the road our own child, could grab the pieces and toss them about or try to eat them.  So for the last five years we've been nativity-less. When I spotted a metal [read: not fragile], silhouette [read: not detailed] nativity at Hobby Lobby this year for 50% off I knew it would be a good fit for our home. With just five metal silhouette pieces, the risk of losing or breaking one is quite low. Due to the size,  it can be easily viewed on our top bookshelf which is out of reach from grabby hands. 
In past years, I've tried differents ways to display our Christmas cards hoping to develop a tradition. While I liked the look of cards-on-ribbon from last year, it seemed to be more trouble than it was worth. This year, thanks to inspiration found on Pinterest, I decided to toss our cards into apothecary jars on the mantel.  It's too early to say, but I think we may have found our tradition. It's simple, easy, and looks very clean. And, if I don't care to clean up the cards until May, the display is unobtrusive. 
Perhaps in future years, I'll empty both bins in the attic, purchase fresh greenery and cover each room in our home with holiday decorations, but for this year the simple decorations are lovely.

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