December 28, 2011

Home Again

We just returned home from another speedy Christmas trip to Baltimore. As we've done in the past, we drove up through Tennessee and Virgina then came back through West Virgina and Kentucky. Taking two routes helps break up the monotony of thirty-two hours in the car.

While in Baltimore, I developed a very frustrating upper respiratory infection which required a day after Christmas trip to the doctor and an antibiotic. Illness aside, it was a great holiday! We spent loads of time with my family, ate delicious food, and manged to pull off a few gift-giving surprises. My brothers and sister saw me for the first time since I became pregnant so the shock of my baby belly and its very active occupant provided some decent entertainment.
Tonight we're settling back into our routine, unpacking, and visiting with our pups, who did not come with us this year but spent a week at camp. I'll have some holiday-related posts up in a jiffy or, at most, a couple of weeks.

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