January 19, 2012

Showered in Memphis

As I said before, I find baby showers very humbling. To see the effort, time, and other resources that my friends put in to hosting and attending my baby showers has left me overwhelmed with gratitude. Baby Slaton will certainly not lack for love! Last Sunday my dear friend Erin hosted a shower for me in Memphis. She worked her tail off planning and creating a beautiful and exceptionally personalized shower.
Erin asked her sister to design an invitation for the shower! The colors coordinated perfectly with colors we are using in the nursery. She used the stationary in various places around the shower, as well.
Erin made two beautiful wreaths, tissue paper pom-poms, a diaper cake, and so much more! The spread was made up of lots of my favorite foods including caprese salad, fruit skewers, hummus, and coconut cake.
Guests were invited to sign The Giving Tree, which is one of my favorite children's books, as a guest book.   
In lieu of traditional baby shower games, Erin created a couple of simple tabletop games celebrating Baby Slaton. Displayed instructional cards guided the games: 

ten little fingers, ten little toes, 
boy or girl, no one knows!
Write your name on the pink or blue paper, 
fold it in half and place it in the boy or girl jar. 

Based on the votes received at the shower, it seems that most of my friends are expecting Baby to be a little mister. Only time will tell. And, for the record, I'm holding strong to my opinion that Baby is a little miss.

Guess Baby Slaton's Birthday
on the date you think baby Slaton will be born 
and write your name under the baby feet.
Looking at the completed calendar, it appears most of my friends believe Baby Slaton will be debuting just a bit ahead of schedule.
Because I'm kind of fancy, I tried to get a group photo with everyone. Because I'm kind of not fancy, I propped the camera up in an armoire and set the self-timer. I forgot to set the flash so the picture is a bit blurred. Either way, I like this picture. What a loving group of women! 


  1. So cute! I like the decorations and invitation. :)

  2. You have to ask Erin who guessed closest to your delivery date! And if we guessed the gender correctly!

  3. Cole actually arrived before any of the dates on the calendar! Shannon and Kelly were closest since they guessed the 19th but they both guessed the baby would be a boy. Steph, you actually guessed the 20th and a girl so I'd say you were the "winner!"