January 18, 2013

Cole :: 11 months

Eleven months. Wow, oh wow. This girl is growing. She just moved into her 12-18 month clothing, which we don't have too much of. I guess I'll be going shopping soon. I've put six containers of baby clothes in the attic already which is wild. These days we are all about eating, sleeping, and playing.

In terms of eating, we have a fruit loving babe. She'll pound raspberries and strawberries. In fact, I only offer fruit at snack time because if she spots it at meal time she loses interest in all other food. When there isn't fruit offered, Cole is still fond of most food, if seasoned correctly. Lately she's been loving cheese tortellini with pesto and garden burgers. Since baby girl won't take a breast milk or formula from a bottle (I gave up that battle months ago), we've been offering a sippy with a straw. She'll drink water and now a little bit of cow's milk from her cup. She'll have two to three ounces of cow's milk every day which gives me hope that weening will be possible. To say it outright, her favorite thing in the world is nursing and the idea that I'm going to ween her at a year is fleeting. Anyway, that is a post for another time.

Cole's sleeping has improved so much in the last month! During the day, Cole is starting to take naps that last for seventy minutes. It's a bit shocking when I can look at the clock and know that I have time to shower, get dressed and clean or read a bit before she wakes. These naps aren't uninterrupted;  Cole will stir and cry out one time at the thirty or forty minute mark. She still gets up once a night to nurse but only once, which is lovely. And I don't even get out of bed. Peter gets her from her crib, brings her to our room and then takes her back when she's finished. He's the best!

When she's awake Cole loves to go, go, go! She's always on the move. We don't do much cuddling because I'm always chasing her around. I keep a close eye since she's getting so bold walking everywhere. She is walking more solidly and figuring out how to balance. Every once in a while I'll watch her catch and stabilize herself to prevent a fall which is so remarkable. Toddler days, here we come! We recently decided to give Cole total freedom in the tub (no more bath seat) and she loves it. She splashes and twists and turns while playing with her bath toys. Cole has a push cart and little wagon that she also loves. Still nothing can compare to the dogs, their leashes or crates which, as a category, comprise her second favorite things in world.

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