January 4, 2013

Maryland Christmas {Some of the Middle}

Christmas morning Cole was the first one up.
She had no idea that the day was special, she's just an early riser.
Like every year, we slept at my mom's house.
After coffee and a gift exchange,  we headed over to my dad's. 

Over at my dad's house, Cole took a short nap while we ate breakfast.
We had our tradition Christmas morning casserole, which tastes like the holidays. 
After she woke up, Cole was keen to play in the doorway with her Pop Pop. Who needs gifts when there are doors on hinges?!

Cole was getting and giving loads of kisses Christmas morning.  
No one complained. 


  1. Last night Tyler randomly said, "You know, I don't usually like other peoples' kids, but I really liked that Cole."

    1. Awww. Thats so kind. Well I'll hang with Reese anytime!

    2. He said "I think we had an introvert connection." lol

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks. From there Cole decided to kiss my sis which was just a slobbery, baby love mess.