January 2, 2013

Maryland Christmas {The Beginning}

After my family got over the initial shock of our presence, we spent our time hanging out and visiting.
We saw family and old friends. Just the kind of thing that make you believe you really can go home.
We also spent time doing nothing, laying back and resting.


On Christmas Eve we took Cole to visit her Great Grandmother Brooks. 
Mrs. Brooks loved Cole, "the baby," and it was important to us that she get to see her. 
Sadly, that was Cole's last visit with her. She passed suddenly in the days after Christmas.
While my heart aches, I have confidence she is in a better place.

For Christmas Eve dinner this year, we took a step up from Wendy's and went to Piv's
My ma decorated the room we dined in. You can see her work on the wall.
Peter, Cole and I were in and out in a flash. We were on borrowed time, hours passed bed time. 
Every year after dinner with my mom, we go to our Uncle Buzz's Christmas Eve Party. This year was no exception.
We were so focused on getting in and out of Uncle Buzz's with a happy baby I forgot to take my camera inside.

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