January 11, 2013

Maryland Christmas {Snow Days}

Cole saw her first snow while we were in Maryland. It was so romantic. The snow fell on Christmas day.
(Turns out she would have seen snow if we'd stayed in Memphis, too.)
Cole looked around the winter wonderland before deciding to try a taste.

The day after Christmas,  it snowed again.
We stayed toasty warm inside for all but a little while.
Bundled up, Cole got her second chance to play in the snow.

Unfortunately, while I packed Cole's coat I didn't pack any reasonable snow shoes for myself.
So our outdoor adventures were short lived.


  1. oh I am so jealous! I wish Rory could experience her first snow this winter! Unfortunately, we're looking at weather in the 70's lately.

    I totally laughed when I saw your "snow shoes".

    1. I don't know, I'd like some weather in the 70's. :)