January 10, 2013

Sunday Afternoon

We took Cole to the greatest playground ever Sunday afternoon.
She'd been before (in the stroller) but she is just now old enough to enjoy the park.
Cole had as much fun watching the big kids as she did on the playground.

Cole is getting bolder taking steps. Up to six at a time.
She is most confident when mommy are daddy are acting as safe landing pads. 
After ever sequence of steps, she gets a wide grin on her face. She knows she's growing up.
She can taste the independence. The freedom.
Any day now she's going to let go. 


  1. how fun to watch! Rory is not there at all. She loves to cruise on furniture but she REFUSES to walk when I try to help her. I think it's a stubbornness thing, where she only wants to do things herself and have no help at all. They say babies who crawl for a long time tend to have really good balance, though, so maybe she wont be as clumsy as her mom ;)

    1. Sounds like when the time comes, Rory will be quite the little athlete! Maybe point or gymnastics will call her name. I'm trying to think of what else requires serious balance. :)

  2. i've read about this playground [nerd alert], and i'm totally jealous that cole gets to play there.

    1. Not nerdy! I used to read about it prior to completion. I still like to have gander at the park's master plan every once in awhile.