January 14, 2013

Maryland Christmas {The End}

Last Christmas post until December, I swear.

The final days of our Christmas trip were spent hanging with my family. 
At Pop Pop's house, that meant playing and climbing his stairs.
Since we don't have stairs in our house they are a bit novel to the baby girl. 
I'm afraid she may put them on her Christmas list next year. 

Cole also got lot of snuggles with Aunt Kelsey.
Since Kelsey lives in California she so Cole don't get to visit, it's pretty special when the see each other. 

Back over at Scottie and Big's house, Cole spent lots of time with Peggy Sue.
What can I say? She's a dog person. No surprise there, really.

Cole was also spoiled by lots of visitors!
My sister has kept up her high school friendships in a way that absolutely shames me. (Keeping up with people is not one of my strong suits.)
Anyway, I've known the girls below for 15 years or longer. And each one of them is a doll!

Cole got loads of quality time with her grandparents over the break- though surely it never feels like enough. 
We'll be welcoming all five of her grandparents to our house in the next couple of months. 
Everyone wants to help celebrate her big first birthday!

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