June 19, 2013


As I've mentioned before, we decided to sign up for a CSA this year. CSA stands for Community-Supported Agriculture. Essentially the way a CSA works is that in the beginning of the season you pay a lump sum to the farm which gets you a weekly stipend of fresh produce for a set number of weeks. We're very fortunate to have a farmers market in our neighborhood, which is where we pick up our weekly share from Delta Sol Farm. We opted to go with a half share, though with the way we go through produce I'm fairly certain we could put away a full share without too much effort.

One of my favorite things about being part of a CSA, aside from the fact that we are supporting the farm directly and know exactly where our food is coming from, is that it forces us to try new dishes. While I couldn't get into chard or kale chips, everything else has been a hit! We've added chard (sometimes kale) & tomato pizza, spinach quiche with green garlic, and potato salad with dill to our standard rotation.  Our CSA has brought us out of a produce rut by providing us with fruits, vegetables and herbs we may not typically buy. 

If you're in the Memphis area and at all interested in joining a CSA, you should seriously consider Delta Sol Farm. Brandon, the farmer and owner, and Ben, the farmer manager, are really kind and down to earth. You can find them every Saturday at the Cooper-Young Farmers market. Stop by and say hello! (For you East Memphis folks there is also a Delta Sol CSA pick up at Hog & Hominy on Wednesdays.)

Recently we attended a Potluck at the farm! Members of our CSA are encouraged check out the farm so when we were invited to a CSA Potluck we knew we had to go. We met a ton of people in the CSA, most of whom live in Midtown Memphis too. Brandon set up a shade for everyone and a whole bunch of chairs. We packed a blanket and some yeast rolls to share. There were two tables full of food and homegrown flowers.

We took a tour of the farm which was fun for all of us. Clemson has a huge agricultural community but being that I spent my days in the College of Business and Behavioral Science,  I'm a rookie to all things farm related. It was so interesting to learn about the relationship between the sheep, pigs and land. Just as we expected, Cole had a blast! She got to be outside, drink from mason jars, play with a dog, climb all over things, and just generally act like a big kid.

Most folks were more creative than I was when it came to their shared dish. I just stuck with tried and true favorite. Who doesn't like salt, butter, and bread? Here's hoping the recipes for the dishes that people brought get around.


  1. Love all these pictures. Especially the one with the dog.

    1. That's Goose,, Brandon's dog. Cole was unfazed by him, of course.