June 3, 2013


Our trip to Maryland was planned around my dear friend's celebration weekend.  She is getting married at the end of August. I was supposed to be a bridesmaid but with my September due date, I won't even be able to attend the wedding. I cried a couple of times over that fact- thank you pregnancy hormones- then committed myself to attending her shower and bachelorette.

Her maids of honor organized a wonder bridal shower at the Lancaster Brewing Company. It was a neat space and being at an actual venue made set up and clean up a breeze.

After the shower, we went to a delicious dinner at Fenz, a fancy-pants restaurant in Lancaster that I'd go back to in a second, then to a few of the bars in downtown Lancaster. Again, her awesome maids of honor planned everything. We had a scavenger hunt competition, during which I was absolutely no help.

Truth be told: I'm not really a great guest at bachelorette party. Aside from the fact that I'm pregnant for the second time, I go to bed too early to be decent late night company. Just the same, I lasted until 3am when everyone hit the sack which was basically a badge of honor for me.

In the morning we headed to the Poconos for some R&R, lake views, and lots of laughing. The whole weekend was meticulously balanced between causal and fancy, relaxing and exciting.


  1. I can't believe you lasted until 3am! Makes me tired just thinking about it!

  2. Oh wow! 3am is super impressive! I've only made it that far a handful of times since college, haha! Glad you had fun! :)