June 8, 2013

The Ball Game

Peter got box seats to the Redbirds game on Thursday night through work. Initially, we didn't know whether spouses could attend so we didn't arrange for a sitter. When we heard spouses could go we decided to forgo the sitter and take Cole to the game. It was her first baseball game and she loved it! It certainly didn't hurt that we were in a box so she could roam or that there was a boy her exact age also with our group she could play with. She got a bit of a hotdog with some ketchup as a second dinner which seemed appropriate.

As we were leaving, Cole found the in ground speakers. Upon the discovery, she paused then decided to dance. To our amusement and the amusement of a handful passing strangers, she bounced to a few songs before we headed home. It didn't hurt the music was both catchy and familiar.

1 comment:

  1. She is just so cute! Glad she got to go and had fun (and entertained the crowd with her dance moves!). :)