June 6, 2013


As has become our norm when visiting Baltimore, time that wasn't allocated to other activities was spent hanging with family around my folks houses.  After our lunch with Ali, Peter and I decided we need to take a break from restaurants for a bit. Cole is just not in a place where sitting still for a meal at a restaurant is an option. Of course, we'll revisit going out to eat with time, but for now we'll work on manners at our dining room table. So with no more outings on our agenda we spent our final days in Maryland just hanging around, lounging by the baby pool, and exploring the gardens.

 Our little girl may be the queen of sass.

As grandparents often do, every time we go to visit she is welcomed with a few new toys. Like a ride along car or wheelbarrow.

Following our trip to Maryland, my dad came back with us to Memphis. He comes to visit every few months (as I wrote about here and here) and his trip was planned before we decided to take a week long trip North. Coincidentally, we were on the same flight back to Memphis.

We went to playground but it was a tad warm so we spent most of the time in the shade snacking.

We also made our way to the zoo, where Cole was quick to show her PopPop the sea lion and her new love of the fountains.

Our trip and visitor were so much fun, though it made for a very busy ten days. We're going to stay local for awhile before we make our way to the beach in late summer.

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  1. So good you guys got to see family! And I bet Cole loved that her grandfather got to come home with you guys to visit even more! :)