August 26, 2014

Ibbie :: 11 months

We have a walker! Ibbie has gained a great deal of stability and her balance is improving. She walks in little spurts, with a personal best of twelve steps. She is a happy, happy girl. And so chill. She's very content to play alone though she still loves to play with Cole and the girls just love to laugh together.  Sometimes Cole will crawl with Ibbie they both think it's hysterical.

Ibbie is a good eater but her preference is smoothies! She gets so excited when she hears the blender going. She prefers protein more than Cole ever has: chicken nuggets, sausage, eggs, ground beef, and so on.

We've been phasing out Ib's morning nap. She handles the extended wake time fairly well but is more than ready to nap when the time comes. Typically, she'll nap for 75-90 minutes. Nighttime is a different story. She'll sleep for 10.5-11 hours waking two or three times to nurse.  I suspect that her teeth are keeping her up. She has eight and some of those are still erupting.

Ib watches Cole like a hawk. She has quite the sense of adventure and a very curious spirit. These two ladies are quite the duo.
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Cole at eleven months

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