August 27, 2014

Cole :: 2.5 Years

Two and a half is so fun! Our little goat is a hoot. I wish I could adequately capture her zest for life through storytelling.  I've been recording more moments on video just to preserve the memory which I'm excited about.

In the last six months, Cole has unveiled more of her spunky and independent personality. She's been calling Peter by his first name, which we correct. She asks to drive the car, to stay home alone, and to ride a bus, train, and truck, all alone. She has suggested, on multiple occasions, that she could watch Ibbie while I go run errands. Our big girl has been opting out of bathes for showers and recently requested we dye her hair sky blue. Seriously. This kid is a trip!

She loves her friends, both near and far, so we discuss them often. She's picked up a few trademark phrases, like "Hey, I have a idea," "Lets talk about it," and "Me funny?" She's picking up new words every day and echoes much of what she hears in conversation, on the radio, and on television. She loves to talk about her memories. We talk about Memphis, trips, visitors we've hosted and our family. Cole often refers to herself in the third person, either with pronouns or "sister."

Her favorite shows are Curious George and Daniel Tiger. Her favorite movies are Toy Story 3, Frozen, and Mary Poppins. She loves to read and be read to. She also loves to sing and be sung to.

Cole's looking forward to starting school again in a few weeks and going back to gymnastics. I'm constantly blown away with how big she is. And her ability to comprehend time in event past, present, and future. Little Miss Independent is sure keeping us on our toes.

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